Natyabhoomi Dance Company

We have professionally trained dancers who have completed their rangapravesh under the auspices of Natyabhoomi who perform with the company.

Natyabhoomi Dance Company presents ‘Kanya’ –
All women do not believe in the same definition of beautiful. All women are not delicate like flowers nor do all women need to be saved. All women do not pine for men or love too. Here is a presentation representing a strong woman who needs no jewelry, words or paraphernalia to be happy or to present herself to the outside world. The dancers shatter a mirror at the end to liberate themselves!
Conceptualized, choreographed and directed by Shreya Navile.
Music: Niraj Chag
Dancers: Varunaa Sri Hemanth KumarMythili Sanders Gunaratnam, Tanvi Navile, Neytra SubramaniamLasya KomaragiriTaanya Puthran, Nirupa Balendran & Shreya Navile
Videography: Element Exchange
Location: Nuriyah Iqbal

Current Company Members:

Deepti Mukund
Shruthi Mukund
Shreya Navile
Nirpua Balendran
Taanya Puthran
Lasya Komragiri
Preetha Vikram
Neytra Subramaniam
Divya Raghavachari

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