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Nritta – Abhinaya; Laghu – Dhrutha; Tandava – Lasya;
Mind – Body; Thought – Emotion; Kiran – Sandhya.


Long before this couple dreamt of giving shape to their dreams of dancing, destiny had a role for them – together. That their names are in perfect harmony is just one of the many attributes this dancing duo shares.Kiran and Sandhya, both guided in their formative years by Guru Smt.Padmini Ravi, were trained further into the nuances of duet dancing under the world-renowned dancing couple, the Dhananjayans of Chennai. Honed in the fine art of Bharatanatyam, the Kirans further chiselled their style into a speciality of duet dancing, fifteen years ago. From then on, life has been a continuum of performances – the ones worthy of special mention being Pandit Ravishankar’s Music Theatre GHANASHYAM and Kiran’s lead role opposite legendary film star Hemamalini in RAMAYAN and SAVITRI, performed all over the world. The world is their stage and this couple has enthralled audiences in India and abroad. Coveted titles and awards now bear their name. And their institution for dance, RASIKA, has made a mark as one of its kind.

Not content on resting on laurels earned, Kiran and Sandhya, look ahead to a more enriching relationship with dance. Dance, to them today, is not just a medium of entertainment- it is a method of communication, of bonding and of creating new dimensions to living and learning.
The Kirans
The Kirans’ long standing dream to articulate their vision is being shaped through their efforts to popularize the classical arts. With every performance, they re-write clichés and set new standards of perfection, making classicism relevant in a contemporary society.