Dance Classes are on

  • Beginners: Tuesday/Saturday/Sunday
  • Intermediate: Thursday/Saturday/Sunday
  • Advanced – Thursday/Saturday/Sunday

Classes are held in Maryland

Natyabhoomi Studio
10421 Boswell Lane
Potomac, MD 20854

Bharatanatyam, the Indian classical dance from South India, has been one of the oldest and richest classical dance forms of India.Its antiquity lies about 3000 years ago with a mythological as well as a historical origin. Music and dance are the elixirs of life and a way of life in India. The evolution of Indian culture can be depicted through the movement and lyrics of dance and its music. Bha -Bhava, emotion, Ra -raga, melody, Ta -Tala, rhythm are the three fundamentals of Bharatanatyam. Abhinaya is the emoting aspect of the dance and Nritta includes purely feet & hand movements.The Mysore style of Bharatanatyam takes its origin from the state of Karnataka. Classical dance, particularly Bharatanatyam, has been practiced professionally as well as academically from ancient times in Karnataka, as is evident from Kannada literature, inscriptions, paintings. All the evidences point to there being a rich tradition of dance in Karnataka through the centuries to the present day.  The Chalukyan sculptures at Badami and Aihole proclaim that the sculptors of Karnataka had a good knowledge of the Natyashastra in the 5th century itself.  Classical dancing was studied as a regular course in the great universities of Talakadu, Talagunda, and Bulligavi between the 4th to 13th centuries. Karnataka’s royalty not only patronized the art form, but also themselves danced, like the great danseuse, Queen Shantala, of the Hoysala Empire.The pioneers of the Mysore style are Guru Jatti Thayamma, Guru K Venkatalakshamma and in present times Guru Smt. Lalitha Srinivasan. For more information on the Mysore Style please see this article.